Destroying Excuses

Posted on: 7-15-112017


Last night my husband and I saw a production about Moses. It was held at the Sight and Sounds Theater in Branson, Missouri, and I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to see it to do so. As I thought about the production, I just marveled at how God worked the details of Moses’ life to lead him exactly to where God needed him to be. There had to be so many times that Moses had to look at his life and wonder where he went wrong. He had to wonder why in the world God had even bothered to spare his life as a baby. You may be much like Moses and look at your life and wonder why God even bothered with you. You may not possibly be able to see how the disaster of a life you have could ever possibly be of any use to God. You may think that you have completely ruined any chance you had of doing what God called you to do. But that’s the beauty of God! Our failures, our weaknesses, our disasters, our running as far away in the wilderness as we can…none of it can stop God from accomplishing in you what He set out to accomplish.  It took some time and a whole lot of excuses, but Moses finally got it and so will you! Just give God time and He will destroy every excuse you have and the only choice you will be left with is to do what God called you to do…and it will be the best choice you have ever made.



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