Surrendering Your Life

Posted on: 7-15-112017

“Then He said to me, ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” Luke 9:23

Most of us have heard and/or read this verse on more than one occasion. As Christians, we know we are supposed to follow Christ, but following Him can be costly. Let’s look at this verse closely. In its context, we know that “come after Me” means to pursue Him, but truly pursuing Him means that we will also “come after Him” in ranking as well. It means He is first and we are not! That can be a tough pill to swallow for our self-centered selves! Before we can even digest that, we are told to “deny” ourselves. Denying ourselves is not something most of us do willingly. Remember, we are self-centered creatures. We fall into the thinking that the world revolves around us, so anything contrary to that mindset is foreign to us. Not only do we have to deny ourselves, we are told to take up our cross daily! Sounds like a lot of work to me. What if the cross we have to carry is heavy? What if it’s inconvenient? What if it stops us from doing what we want to do (remember, we are self-centered and want to be first priority in our lives)? What if that cross causes us pain and suffereing? What if that cross causes us to have to give up something or someone? Finally, we have to follow Him. Again, we are following Him…not the other way around! If we are following, then He is the leader and He is in charge! Here we go again with the putting Him in a place above us! Our “the world revolves around me” attitude is not going to do well with this type of arrangement! We are people who like for others to come after us, who do not like denying ourselves anything, who don’t want anything to do with pain or inconvenience, and who like to be the one followed instead of the one doing the following. Everything about this verse is contrary to who we are as humans! That’s why there is no way that we could ever do this on our own accord! Only by the power of God’s Spirit living in us can we lay ourselves down at the foot of the cross and surrender to the fact that God is so far out of our league that all we can do is follow Him. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Is He worth it? Absolutely! Until you surrender your life to Him, you will not truly experience the life He died to give you!


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