On the Other Side of Fear

Posted on: 7-15-112017

Fear…you will never escape this world without having to deal with fear.  At one point or another, you and I all have something that terrifies us to the very core of our being.  For some, a slithering snake is enough to break them out in a cold sweat.  For others, it may be the thought of getting a debilitating disease.  Still for others, it may be the thought of losing a loved one.  Or, it may be the thought of your own death that leaves you shaking in your boots.  I recently saw a video clip in which Will Smith talked about his fear of going skydiving.  He said a couple of things in the clip that have stayed on my mind.  First, he talked about how terrified he was at the beginning of the jump and how that fear was quickly replaced with total bliss once he realized he wasn’t going to die.  He went on to say that on the other side of maximum fear, God has placed the best things in life.  It made me wonder how many times I have caved into my fear and missed out on the blessings that God had planned for me.  How many blissful moments have I given up due to being afraid of stepping out of the plane?  How many once in a lifetime moments have I given up because I was too scared to take a chance?  God doesn’t want us to live in fear.  He wants us to seize the opportunities He ordains for us and He wants us to seize them with gusto!  He wants us to take chances, to step out of our comfort zone, and to live our life to the fullest.  He never intended for us to live life on the sidelines, just existing.  He has divine purpose for each and every one of us, but we will miss it if we allow fear to be the voice speaking in our ears.  What is it that God is calling you to do that you have been too afraid to do?  Step out of the plan and let your maximum fear become your maximum bliss.

“For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but He has given us a spirit of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7


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