The Enormity of God

Posted on: 7-15-112016

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Are you ever just taken back by the enormity of who God is?  I often am and yesterday was one of those times.  My grandson, daughter, and I went to a local alligator hatchery and it left me in complete awe of who God is.  As we toured the hatchery, we saw alligators of all sizes and our tour guide told us all about them.  Now, living in Louisiana, I’m no stranger to alligators and in fact, have been to more than one alligator farm.  I’ve heard much of the information our guide shared with us, but yesterday, it really amazed me.   Although I’ve been to many alligator farms before, I did have the opportunity yesterday to do something I’ve never done before…I was able to have a baby alligator hatch from its egg right in my hand.  It was definitely quite the experience.  As our guide brought my grandson and I our eggs, you could hear the baby inside making chirping noises.  It sounded just like a baby bird. My grandson and I both were so excited about our little babies and had a hard time leaving them when it was time to go.  The fact that God has given such incredible attention to every single detail of this animal’s life and has divinely created it to thrive in its environment, just as He has for every single animal, just testify to the reality of who God is.  We cannot even begin to wrap our brains around Him.  I know that God is all-knowing, but when I allow myself to really focus on what that means, it always leaves me in awe.  Let it sink in…He knows every single detail about every single thing on every single day from before time began to eternity.  Nothing escapes Him.  He never forgets.  He’s never in the dark about anything.  Nothing every surprises Him or takes Him aback.  He knows EVERYTHING!!!  I don’t know about you, but this leaves me in total amazement of who He is!


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