Happy Mother’s Day

Posted on: 7-15-112016

Since today is Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fitting to talk about how mothers are often one of the closest examples of God that we have on earth.  Moms tend to lavish love on their children no matter what they do or don’t do, no matter if they have done right or if they have done wrong, and no matter how much hurt they may cause them. Mom’s love for us never ends and they could not love us more if they tried.  Their love for us began before we even arrived.  Even though we absolutely had nothing to give them in return, their heart belonged to us before they ever laid eyes on us. This type of unconditional love exemplifies how God loves us.  He loves us without fail.  His love for us is never ending and it is not possible for Him to love us any more than He does.  He loved us before He even created us.  He loved us knowing that we would have nothing to offer Him in return.  Moms also exemplify God in the way that they know us better than we even know ourselves.  We don’t have to say a word for our moms to know exactly how we are feeling or that something is on our mind.  Moms know how we are going to react before we do.  Moms know what makes us tick.  They know what thrills us, what infuriates us, and what our driving passion is…even when we know none of that.  Moms know every strength we possess as well as every weakness.  And they know how to capitalize on those strengths to make us better than we ever thought possible, as well as how to use those weaknesses to turn them into strengths.  In most cases, the only person that knows us better than our mom is God.  He designed us and created us and He knows every single detail about us.  He knows every thought we have, every motive of our heart, and every fear we face.  Another way moms are similar to God is that they always want more for us than we even want ourselves.  Moms are relentless when it comes to their children.  They will stop at nothing to help their children, to protect their children, and to guide their children on the path that is best for their children.  Moms think about their children non-stop – they worry over them, they fret over them, they wrestle within their own selves over every decision related to their children, and moms are incredibly hard on themselves when they feel they can’t help their children.  God is the same!  He will do whatever necessary to help us and to ensure that we are on the right path.  We may offer Him a lot of resistance (much like we often resist our mom’s help), but He is relentless in His pursuit of us and of what is best for us.  He will not stop in His quest to give us the best life possible.  There are so many other ways that moms show us an example of who God is, but I will leave you with one final one.  There is no sacrifice too great for a mom when it comes to her children.  She will go without sleep, food, money, possessions, hot showers, private trips to the bathroom, clean floors, and anything else necessary to make sure that her children have what they need and are taken care of.  God, too, is willing to sacrifice for us.  In fact, He gave us the ultimate sacrifice when He gave us His Son.  He did whatever He had to do to make sure we had what we needed and that we were taken care of. When you look at your mom today, or any day, you are looking straight into the eyes of someone who loves you as close to the way God loves you as you will ever know.  Be grateful for the gift of mothers that God has blessed us with.



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