Preach Without Ceasing

Posted on: 7-15-112016

I’ve heard the following story before, but I need to remind myself of this message pretty much on a daily basis.

“Francis of Assisi once invited an apprentice to go with him to a nearby village to preach.  The young monk quickly agreed, seizing an opportunity to hear his teacher speak.  When they arrived in the village, St. Francis began to visit with the people.  First he stopped in on the butcher.  Next a visit with the cobbler.  Then a short walk to the home of a woman who’d recently buried her husband.  After that a stop at the school to chat with the teacher.  This continued throughout the morning.  After some time, Francis told his disciple that it was time to return to the abbey.  The student didn’t understand.  ‘But we came to preach,’ he reminded. ‘We haven’t preached a sermon.’ ‘Haven’t we?’ questioned the elder.  ‘People have watched us, listened to us, responded to us.  Every word we have spoken, every deed we have done has been a sermon. We have preached all morning.’

St. Francis is also noted as saying, ‘Preach without ceasing.  If you must, use words.’

What an incredible reminder for us to be aware that everything we do or don’t do and everything we say or don’t say is preaching a sermon about Jesus.  We may never stand and preach a sermon from the pulpit in front of a church, but each of us preaches a sermon every single moment of the day simply by the actions others see us take and the words others hear us speak.  What a great responsibility God has entrusted us with!


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