A Little Left Over

Posted on: 7-15-112016

A few weeks ago, many people were talking about the Powerball lottery.  It drew a lot of attention because it was worth over a billion dollars.  One day, a young boy sat down at a table next to mine while he waited for his dad to get his food.  He was about ten years old and he must not have had a shy bone in his body.  He talked to me as if he had known me his whole life.  The news playing on the TV was talking about the lottery and the young boy looked at me with all the seriousness in the world and said, “I really wish my family could win the lottery.  It’s enough money for us to pay off all of our bills and even have a little bit left over.”  I couldn’t help but laugh at his sweet innocence.  He had no idea how much money a billion dollars really was because I’m pretty sure they could’ve paid off all of their bills and had a more than just a little bit left over.  I’ve thought about his words several times over the past few weeks and it always makes me smile.  It also reminds me of how we, too, can not fully comprehend the true amount of something.  For example, I think many of us cannot even come close to comprehending the amount of love God has for us.  We may understand that He loves us at our best, but do we really know that He loves us that much at our worst?  We may get that He loves us when we are seeking Him, but do we realize that He loves us the same even when we are running from Him?  We may know that He loves us when life is going smoothly, but do we know it when the road is so hard we can barely breathe?  We may feel like there is enough love for the very best days, but not enough for those when we fail Him over and over and over.  The truth is that we can’t even begin to fathom God’s love for us.  By faith, we have to believe that God’s love is more than enough.  We can never cause it to run out  We can never deplete its supply.  There is always more than just a little left over and God is just waiting to lavish it on us.


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