Making Assumptions

Posted on: 7-15-112016

My niece is a high school senior who is also taking some college classes.  Needless to say, she has had a ton of papers to write over the course of this year.  Once she writes them, she emails them to me and I help her edit them and give her some pointers on her paper in general.   Last week, she sent me a paper to look at, as well as a copy of the story it was over.  I quickly read through the story and then took a look at her paper.  As I read the paper, I was puzzled at some of the content she had included.  I didn’t remember reading some of the information she had in her paper.  I thought I must have had a lot on my mind when I read the story because some of what she said didn’t even register to me.  I went back and read the story and I still couldn’t find where she was getting her information.  I called her and asked if she had failed to email me the whole story, thinking that I must have not received all of it.  Nope…I received the whole thing.  I asked if they had received additional information in class regarding the story that would explain my missing information.  No again!  Finally, I asked where she had come up with the information that had me stumped.  She didn’t know!  She had read one part of the story and made an assumption about one of the characters and that is where she had gotten the information I was so desperately looking for. We also figured out that she probably hadn’t read the story very carefully and was probably distracted by a million other things. We had a big laugh over it and she said she was going to fix the paper and send it back.  I was relieved to know that I wasn’t going crazy and that the mistake was on her end.  I’ve thought about this several times this week and I have wondered how many times I have made assumptions about God’s Word.  How many times have I read something in my Bible but not really read it?  How many times have I been distracted by other things and not really read what was right in front of my face?  And then I wonder why God’s not answering me!  His Word is the primary way He communicates with me, so I need to take extra time and consideration as I read what He is telling me.  His Word is the most important thing we will ever read and He deserves my utmost attention and respect as I read it.


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