Posted on: 7-15-112016

“So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Him.” Luke 5:11

A couple of nights ago I wrote about the time when Simon took Jesus at His word and brought in the biggest catch of his whole fishing career.  I don’t mean just a great catch of fish…I mean so many fish that their boats were sinking under the weight of them.  To these fishermen who depended on their catch to make a living for their families, this was not just a good day at work…this was a day that would far surpass the greatest day fishing they could even fathom.  With this catch, they would have more than enough money to provide for their families.  To these fishermen, it was if they had the winning ticket to the lottery.  And before they can even enjoy their once in a lifetime payday, Jesus asks them to leave it ALL behind, follow Him, and become fishers of men.   Just a few weeks ago, many people were talking about the lottery and who would win the Powerball – a nice sum of over a billion dollars!  My husband and I dreamed about what we would do if we were to win that kind of money!  It was fun to imagine all of the places we would love to visit, the life we could give our children and grandchildren, and how our lives would be different.  You may have done the same!  Even if you didn’t, take a minute now to think about it.  Think about how it would feel to have more money than you can even fathom!  And then, think about how it would feel to have more money than you can even fathom and before you can even spend one penny of it, someone asks you to give it all up! The money Simon and his fellow fishermen would’ve made off of those fish wouldn’t equal the money from the Powerball for sure, but to them, it was still more money than they could even wrap their minds around.  I will be the first to admit, I wouldn’t want to give up that money so quickly! But, Simon and his fellow fishermen didn’t hesitate…they immediately left everything and followed Jesus.  I think Simon and the others knew something that it’s easy for us to forget…Jesus is worth it all!  No matter what you give up, He is worth even more.  No, they wouldn’t be living on easy street, but they would be walking with the One who created the streets of gold in heaven.  No, they wouldn’t be living a life of luxury, but they would be living with the One whose presence is more valuable than anything this world can offer.  These men knew true riches when they saw it, for a life with Jesus is the richest life you will ever know.


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