Life’s Easy Button

Posted on: 7-15-112016


easy button

Many of us have seen the Staples’ easy button before on TV, the internet, in the newspaper, or at the store itself.  The message portrayed by the easy button is that shopping at Staples is much easier and more convenient than shopping at other places which sell office supplies.  I’d say whoever came up with this as a marketing tactic was pretty clever because people are always on the lookout for what is easy and convenient.  We want to put the least amount of effort into any situation and yield big results.  I’d venture to say that the majority of us wish there was an easy button in our lives.  When faced with difficulties, we could just push the easy button and presto…difficulties vanish.  When we are seeking God for an answer and He seems to be taking forever to respond, we could push the easy button and bam…answer given.  When we are having a hard time forgiving someone, one push of the easy button could cause us to forgive.  When temptation calls, easy button to the rescue.  While the easy button may be much more convenient and certainly less difficult than the reality of our lives, is it what we would really want?  Yes, we may get answers from God on our timeframe, but He may not have had time to prepare us for those answers, not to mention the fact that waiting on Him strengthens our faith and teaches us patience.  Yes, the easy button could cause us to forgive, but it would never teach us to forgive by faith and allow God to change us to the point where we really can forgive.  Yes, it could erase temptation in an instant, but then we wouldn’t learn to trust God for the strength to overcome temptation. Our trials and tribulations often seem like they are about to destroy us and an easy button would eradicate all of the hurt and heartbreak, but in doing so, we would miss God and what He wants to do in our lives.  It’s in our greatest hardships that we often see God the clearest and where He is able to transform us the most into His image.  Ease and convenience are no match for catching a glimpse of God.  Ease and convenience are no match for growing in our relationship with Him.  Ease and convenience seem like the perfect answer, but they will never take us to the one who is the perfect answer.



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