Patience is a Virtue But Is It One Of Ours?

Posted on: 7-15-112016


This is one of the photos my daughter has from her recent trip to Uganda.  The shows one section of the line these people had to wait in to get seen in the medical clinic that my daughter and her team set up.  Many of the people traveled several miles in order to get to the clinic.  My daughter shared with us that some people even traveled over mountains to reach them. Of course, it took them many days to reach their destination because they came on foot.  Due to having no electricity and having to travel quite a distance back to where they were staying, my daughter and her team were not able to see everyone in line.  When they arrived back the next morning to start the clinic, the people were still waiting in line, just as they had left them the night before.  When she told me this, I couldn’t help but think of how the attitudes of most of the people I know would have been at this point.  Most of us are very impatient people!  If we have to wait at the doctor’s office for an hour, we are ready to blow our top.  I can’t even imagine what we would do if we traveled several days, waited in line all day, and were then told that we couldn’t be seen.  Would we be patiently waiting the next morning or would we have a complete meltdown?  Let’s be honest…most of us have a hard time waiting for popcorn to pop in the microwave!  Patience is not a virtue we hold near and dear to our hearts!  We may consider ourselves much more advanced than these dear people, but I think all of us could learn some valuable life lessons from them.




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