Happy New Year

Posted on: 7-15-112016

January 1 – New Year’s Day – the day that marks the beginning of a brand new year and the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate.  It’s a chance to do better than we did the previous year.  It’s a chance to get things right no matter how many times we failed in the past.  It’s the chance to do new things, bigger and better things, and to focus on what is really important to us.  We make resolutions to do many things such as lose weight, eat healthy, exercise, save money, read our Bible every day, spend more time praying, put God first…the list goes on and on and on.  And for most of us, before we turn the calendar to February, we have failed so often that we decide to forgo our resolutions all together and just go back to the way things were on December 31.  It’s easier to remain complacent than it is to face our failures.  It’s easier to stay in our comfort zone than to face the growing pains associated with making true change in our lives.  It’s easier to live in the familiar than to go out into unexplored territory where we are unsure of ourselves.  Yet, being where we are unsure of ourselves is exactly where God likes us to be because when we are unsure of ourselves, it puts us in a position to be sure of Him.  When we can’t depend on our own devices to carry us through, we are in a position to depend solely on Him to be the One carrying us.  When we can’t face the mountains looming in front of us, we are in a position to face the One who can overcome the mountains.  My prayer for you, as well as myself, this year is to live a life that puts you exactly where you need to be in order to see Christ for who He truly is and for what He can truly do. What could happen to you in 2016 that would be greater than that?


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