He is on His Way!

Posted on: 7-15-112015

John 115Martha, her sister, Mary, and Lazarus were loved by Jesus.  He often spent time with them in their home.  They laughed together, dined together, and enjoyed one another’s company.  They knew about the water turned into wine, they knew about the feeding of the 5000, and they knew the lame could now walk, so they knew exactly who Jesus was, but they didn’t just consider Him their Messiah, they considered Him their friend.  Imagine how devastated Martha and Mary must have been when Lazarus was dying and Jesus did not show up to heal him as He had done for many others.  Imagine how their hearts must have shattered into a million pieces when Lazarus died and still no Jesus.  Imagine how their grief must have been mingled with the sting of rejection when four days passed before Jesus decided to show up. How could they not feel disappointed when their friend so obviously failed them?  How could they not be angry that Jesus didn’t show up to save their brother and His supposed friend when He had done it for those who didn’t even know Him like they did?  How could they not feel as if Jesus had failed them when their brother lay lifeless in the tomb and their hurt was so overwhelming they could barely breathe?  Where was He?  What was so important that He allowed His friend to die instead of healing Him?  Did He really care about them like they thought He did?  Why did He save others and allow their brother to die?   Was he really their friend like they thought He was?  Why did He choose to reject them?  All of these questions must have flown through their minds countless times in that four days.  Maybe you have some of the same questions or similar ones.  Martha and Mary got their answers in four days when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and explained that He waited in order that God’s glory would be revealed to them.  Maybe you have waited for your questions to be answered much longer than four days…maybe it’s been four weeks, or four months, or four years, or forty years, or even longer.  Maybe you have given up hope of ever even receiving answers.  Maybe you have decided that God isn’t who you really thought He was.  Maybe you have decided that God doesn’t really love you or He would’ve never allowed you to suffer as you have. Wherever you are with your struggling, hold on to the hope that He is coming!  Hold on to the hope that He will answer your questions!  Hold on to the hope that somehow, someway God’s glory is going to be revealed to you through your heartbreak.  These things may not happen today, they may not happen tomorrow, and in fact, they may never happen during your earthly life, but they will happen.  You are so loved by God and He would never allow you to be hurt without having a purpose behind it!  Hold on to that fact, even when everything in you screams that it can’t possibly be true.  He is on His way, beloved…count on it!


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