The Danger of Self

Posted on: 7-15-112015

On Sunday, our pastor said something that just boggled my mind.  He said that more people have died so far this year taking a “selfie” than have died by a shark attack.  There have been 8 deaths related to shark attacks, while there have been 12 deaths related to taking a selfie. For those who may not know what a selfie is, it’s basically taking a picture of yourself with your cell phone. Some people even have a “selfie stick” – a pole that allows you to hold the phone out at a longer distance from your face to capture a larger scene or to include more people in the picture.  Many places have actually banned selfies and/or selfie sticks from being used simply because of the possibility of injury. Yellowstone Park is one of those places.  They have banned selfies from being taken at all because people keep trying to take a selfie with a bear in the background.  They are so intent upon getting the picture that they forget the danger of getting too close to the bear. (I just shared this information with my husband and I can tell you that even as I type these words, he is thinking in his mind that I would be the crazy person trying to get the picture with the bear – long story from a previous trip to Tennessee involving a camera, a video camera, a bear, and me)  It’s easy to wonder how they got so distracted with the selfie that they fail to pay attention to their surroundings, but we are all guilty of this in just a little different manner.  We often get so distracted with our self that we fail to pay attention to what God is saying and that alone puts us in a very dangerous situation.  Satan wants us to focus on self because he knows that when our focus is on self, we are not focusing on God or others.  He knows that when we focus on self, we let our guard down from the dangers he has lurking at every corner.  He knows he can get a foothold into our lives if we are too busy with ourselves.  We become easy targets for him.  He can get in and convince us that we don’t need God…we are sufficient all by ourselves.  He can lie and tell us that we are doing just fine on our own.  He can take that focus on self and inflate our pride to gigantic proportions.  He can take that focus on self and turn it into the only god we serve and anything we put before God, including our own self, is a sure disaster.

“You shall have no other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3


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Shani this one is so good!!!!

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