Loosen Your Grip

Posted on: 7-15-112015

Anyone who has ever dealt with a toddler knows how possessive they can be.  In their minds, everything belongs to them.  If they ever had something in their possession, it is theirs, even if they put it down.  Anything they currently have is theirs and will always be theirs.  If they may want something in the future, it is theirs.  Even if they give it to you, they have the right to take it back at any given time because it is theirs.  If they want something, they will cling to it as if their life depends on it, and to them, it probably does.  We, in our adult minds, may think that we have outgrown this childlike behavior, but the truth is, we all have things that we cling to as if our lives depend on them.  We may cling to our job, our social status, our wealth, our material possessions, our spouse, our children, our looks, or any number of other things, but the only One who we should cling to as if our lives depend on it is Christ.  Anything other than Christ is going to eventually fail us.  Don’t get me wrong…investing in our spouse, our children, our job, etc. isn’t a bad thing, but if we cling to those things too deeply, we will allow them to take the place of Christ.  Putting anything above Christ or allowing it to take equal billing in your life leads to nothing except disappointment, frustration, and heartache.  If you find yourself clinging to something other than Christ like a toddler clings to a toy, ask God to help you loosen your grip.  He will because He wants to be given first place in your life.

“You shall have no other gods before me.”  Exodus 20:3


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