How to Fight the Enemy and Win

Posted on: 7-15-112015

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I saw the movie “War Room” which I highly recommend.  The movie talks about the power of prayer and shows how lives can be changed when we do our battling on our knees before the Lord Almighty.  I’ve thought a lot about my prayer life (or maybe lack of a prayer life is a more fitting description) since I saw the movie.  I saw a picture on Facebook yesterday that further drove this message home for me.  It was the picture of an eagle who snatched a snake from the ground and flew up into the sky with it.   Underneath the picture, it explained that the eagle knew better than to fight the snake on its own territory because the snake would have the advantage.  It would be able to fight back with all of its power and would likely destroy the eagle.  So, it grabbed the snake and flew up into the sky where the snake had no ability to defend itself or fight back.  Being in the air rendered the snake powerless before the eagle and the eagle was assured victory.  So often we are defeated by Satan because we try to fight him in his own territory.  We try to battle him when he has all of the advantages and power which leaves us a pretty easy target for defeat.  However, if we would swoop him up and take him out of his element into the realm of the Lord, we would leave him unable to fight.  Our battles against him are never going to be won in our own power or in our own dominion.  We have to fight him in the spiritual realm.  We have to snatch him up and lay him at the feet of Jesus, rendering him useless. We have to battle him through the power of God or we will never find victory.  We don’t have to fight harder, just smarter.  We, on our own, are no match for Satan, but in Christ, he is no match for us.  Every time we open our mouth in prayer, we strip his power from him.  Every time we lift up our prayers to the Lord, we destroy his strength.  Every time we humble ourselves before God and ask for His help, Satan cringes because he knows his defeat is imminent. Do not give him the advantage one more moment of your life…snatch him up and take him straight to the Father and watch him fall in defeat.  Victory is yours…you just have to know how to fight!


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