The Pit Not the Pedestal

Posted on: 7-15-112015

“God found Gideon in a hole. He found Joseph in a prison. He found Daniel in a lion’s den.  He has a curious habit of showing up in the midst of trouble, not the absence.  Where the world sees failure, God sees future.  Next time you feel unqualified to be used by God remember this, He tends to recruit from the pit, not the pedestal.” Jon Acuff

I came across the message above today and thought about how many people, myself included, probably needed to be reminded of this very thing.  Satan tells all of us that we are unqualified, unequipped, and unable to do anything God calls us to do.  He convinces us that we have no abilities at all to offer God.  He further destroys our confidence by making us believe that the only people God uses are those who “have it all together.”  He leaves us with no confidence in ourselves at all.  So, we decide to do absolutely nothing for fear of failure.  We ignore God’s call because we are so convinced that He couldn’t possibly use us.  Now, the irony of Satan’s lies is that they actually get us into the exact position God needs us to be in in order to use us.  We need to have no confidence in our own abilities.  We need to admit that we have nothing to offer God except for our broken, weak, no ability selves.  We have to recognize that we are not qualified, equipped, or able to do anything on our own.  When we get to the place where we recognize this truth about ourselves, it is then that God is ready to use us.  When we come to Him with nothing, we give Him the opportunity to do the work through us.  He provides the abilities, the equipping, the qualifications needed as the work is done.  It is His responsibility to take care of these things…our responsibility is to just be available for Him to use.  Wherever you may find yourself today, God can and will use you if you just make yourself available to be used by Him.


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