Green Pastures

Posted on: 7-15-112015

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures…” Psalm 23:2

Many of us are familiar with the verse above from Pslam 23. I’ve read it, as well as heard it, more times than I can count. A few days ago, however, I came across something about that verse that I think I’ve always pictures differently in my mind. In my mind, I have always pictured that verse as Jesus, our Shepherd, leading us to a very lush and spacious pasture. However, what I read the other day made me realize that this thinking may not be so accurate. in the area where David lived when he wrote this psalm were more desert than lush pastures. The shepherds would have to less their sheep across the desert in search of small patches of grass to eat. It was more a matter of just enough rather than abundant and plentiful. It was a matter of searching daily for what they needed instead of having more than enough. While there are some things God lavishes on us in abundance, I have learned through personal experience that there are a lot more things He gives us just enough of to meet our needs for the day or sometimes, the moment. For example, God has all of the strength in the world, yet He gives us only enough to get through whatever obstacle is in front of us. He has all of the peace that can be possessed, yet He gives us only enough for the moment. He is all of the hope we will ever need, but He often only gives us enough hope to get us through the next few minutes. If God has all that we ever need, why doesn’t He pour it all out on us in abundance? He gives us only what we need for the moment because He wants us to learn to depend on Him for everything we need. If we receive it all at once, we would have no need to keep going back to Him. We would inevitably start to think that we could handle things on our own. He wants us to know without a shadow of a doubt that He is our Provider. Just as the sheep looked to their shepherd for all they needed, we should look to our Shepherd for our every need.


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