Construction or Destruction Crew?

Posted on: 7-15-112015

My twenty month old grandson loves to play with blocks. He finds great delight in stacking them up and even greater delight in knocking them down. When he can get someone else to stack them and allow him to knock them over, he cannot contain his laughter. As I watched him repeat this process over and over a few nights ago, I thought about how we, like my grandson, can often times find much greater joy in destroying someone than in building them up. Sometimes it can be easier to say something that discourages someone than to say something that brings them encouragement. Criticism can flow much more quickly from our tongues than can compliments. We can find more pleasure gossiping about someone than praying for them. Thinking about this reminded me of something I read in a devotional a while back:

Are you a part of God’s construction crew or a part of Satan’s destruction crew?

Let’s face it…we’re either one or the other. There is no other option. We are either building others up or we are tearing them down. We are either making a positive impact or we are making a negative one. We are either furthering God’s Kingdom or we are hindering it. We are either leading others to Christ or away from Him. Just as it takes more time and effort for my grandson to build his blocks up than it does to tear them down, it takes us more time and effort to build others up than tear them down. However, the benefit to the other person, not to mention our own self, is well worth the extra time and effort. This is something I need to work on in my own life, so I am going to let my grandson be my accountability partner, so to speak. Each day when we play with his blocks, I’m going to remind myself that I need to be a part of God’s construction crew instead of a part of Satan’s destruction crew.


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