God’s Intimates

Posted on: 7-15-112015

I came across the following statement in my devotional a few days ago:

“God doesn’t have favorites.  He has intimates – those who are willing to walk in His will and rely upon Him to show the way.  This requires trust, faith, and complete surrender.” Charles Stanley

I’m sure most of us have felt that someone else has been favored over us at one time or another in our lives.  As a child, we can feel that our parents favor another child over us.  We can feel our teacher favors another student over us.  As an adult, we may feel that one of our co-workers is the favorite of our boss.  And for many of us, we may feel that another Christian is favored by God over us.  The truth is, as Charles Stanley said, God has no favorites.  He loves each and every single person who He created exactly the same. However, there are those people who set themselves up for His blessings to be very evident in their lives, thus giving the appearance of favoritism.  These people are dedicated to their pursuit of God and they put great effort into working on their relationship with Him.  They spend time in prayer, they spend time in His Word, they spend time praising Him, they spend time serving Him, etc. They do not let their fears get in their way of serving God. They trust Him unconditionally, even when they don’t understand the whole picture.   They are willing to put in the things required of having an intimate relationship with Him because they know the more intimate their relationship with Him, the more favor he lavishes upon their lives.  His favor upon our lives is ours for the taking…we just have to be willing to pursue Him with everything in us.

“For God does not show favoritism…” Romans 2:11


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