A Life Without Limits

Posted on: 7-15-112015

I came across this a few days ago when I was reading:

Peter had a temper

David had an affair

Noah got drunk

Jonah ran from God

Paul was a murderer

Gideon was insecure

Miriam was a gossip

Martha was a worrier

Thomas was a doubter

Sara was impatient

Elijah was moody

Moses had a speech impediment

Zaccheus was short

Abraham was old

Lazarus was dead

All of these people have two very important things in common – they were flawed and they were used in mighty ways by God.  Like each of them, you and I are flawed individuals.  We, like them, have things in our lives that can cause us to consider ourselves limited or unable to be of any use to God.  The good news for us is that, just like them, God can use us in mighty ways no matter what our limitations may be.  In fact, it seems to me that God loves to use us the most when we have absolutely the least to offer.  We look at our imperfections and see inabilities, but He looks at our imperfections and sees a chance for His strength to shine through.  We may be limited, but He is not. We may have imperfections, but He does not.  No matter what flaw(s) you have that may be holding you back, God can and will use you if you just make yourself available to Him.  One of my favorite sayings is this:

God doesn’t call the enabled…God enables the called.

If He calls you to do something, He already has a plan in place to equip you to do whatever He is calling you to do.  Don’t look at your limitations…look at the One who has no limits.


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