Addition or Submission

Posted on: 7-15-112015

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, my husband and I saw the movie “A Matter of Faith” on Sunday. I really enjoyed the movie, but one particular thing has stuck with me more than anything else. I can’t remember the quote exactly, but one of the young men in the movie said something to this effect:

It’s either addition or submission…Christ is either just another thing we add to our life or we completely submit our life to Him.

I believe that, unfortunately, there are far too many who have just added Christ to their lives. Their intentions may be great, but, if He is not given His proper place as the ultimate priority in our lives, He will get pushed to the backburner sooner or later. For example, I can clearly remember when my third child was a newborn. He had his days and nights mixed up and he was perfectly happy to stay up all night long and was perfectly content, as long as I held him and rocked him. His two older sisters, nineteen months and 4 years old, on the other hand, were on a stay up all day and sleep at night schedule. My husband was working long hours at work, so basically I was staying up pretty much around the clock. After several days of practically no sleep, I was beyond exhausted.   I remember sitting up with him one night almost in tears because I was so tired. I saw my Bible sitting on the table next to my rocking chair and I picked it up. Then, before I even opened it, I sat it back down. I figured there was no point in even trying because my eyes were so tired that I knew I wouldn’t even be able to read the words. After sitting there for a while longer, I realized that I hadn’t read my Bible in several days and I had barely said more to God than something very maternal such as, “Please make this baby go to sleep for just a few minutes!” in that time as well.   The thought occurred to me that I was going about this whole sleep situation in the wrong manner…I was trying to do it all in my own strength and it just wasn’t going to happen. I finally picked up the Bible and opened it and immediately my eyes fell on the following verse:

“Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. “ Matthew 11:28

Boy, did I need that verse right then! I won’t tell you that my picking up my Bible like I should’ve already been doing was an immediate answer for my sleep deprivation, but it certainly helped me make it that night and the ones over the next few weeks while I waited for my son to adjust his sleep patterns to ours. God had been pushed to the backburner of my life for that time and I found out quickly that I couldn’t handle it. He must remain number one in all things and through all things or He’s just another thing we’ve added to our lives.


1 Response to "Addition or Submission"

My husband and I just watched this movie tonight with our teenage Daughter and Son…along with a friend and her 2 teenage Daughters…

During the movie, the thing that stuck out to me the most was that same line…”how did you come to faith, wad it by Addition or Submission?”…

Thank you for sharing…it really hit me…I see ppints in my life where I put Jesus on the back burner…or just bump him out of the drivers seat…I need to truly work on more Submission!!! 🙂

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