Recipe for Success

Posted on: 7-15-112014

I come from a long line of phenomenal cooks. Both of my grandmother’s were well known for their culinary skills, as is my mom! Somehow, this talent managed to skip right over me. I’m not a horrible cook, but I’m certainly not on their level. I have several recipes from each of them, but no matter how hard I try to follow the recipe, the dish still tastes just a little bit different than theirs. One of the reasons for this is probably because they’ve made the dishes multitudes of times and they know exactly how much their pinch of this and dash of that is. It may not seem that these “pinches” and “dashes” amount to a lot, but if you put too much or too little in, it definitely affects the outcome. You can’t alter the recipe and expect the same result. In life, we are bombarded with “recipes” for success! Bookstore shelves are lined with books on success. Conferences on prosperity are held continually and sell out with ease. Talk shows are on multiple channels and one of the most popular topics is how to achieve success. For as many books, conferences, talk shows, etc. as there are on success, there are an equal number of recipes to achieve it. While each “recipe” may contain similar ingredients, each one has a few things that make it unique. And just as we try out different recipes in our kitchen, we try out several of these recipes for success. And just like my following my grandmothers’ or mom’s recipes often come out with less than hoped for results, any recipe for success that does not have God at the center will not yield the outcome that is hoped for!

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

This is the Bible’s recipe for success! One simple direction in God’s recipe…”commit to the Lord whatever you do” and the result is success! No “pinches” or “dashes” to contend with…just “commit to the Lord whatever you do”. Sounds like a recipe worth trying!


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