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Most of us who drive a car know how important it is to do regular maintenance on our vehicles.  One thing we need to do is get regular oil changes.  If we don’t, we may get by for a while, but eventually, we run the risk of ruining our engine. In much the same way an oil change helps a car keep running smoothly and perform at maximum efficiency, a daily devotional helps Christians’ lives stay on track and running smoothly. Recently in my daily devotional, I came across this interesting piece of information: the Manadarin Chinese phrase that refers to a Christian’s daily devotional is “ling xiu”. Ling means “spirit” or “soul” and xiu means “to repair”.  So, basically, a Christian’s daily devotional is basically equivalent to “spirit/soul repair”  What a fitting description of what a daily devotional is!  When we spend time each day with the Lord, He brings repair to our spirit.  He gives us renewed strength for whatever we may face.  He gives us power to continue fighting the enemy.  He gives us joy in the midst of despair.  He gives us hope when the situations surrounding us seem hopeless.  He gives us peace even as the storms of life rage on around us.  He gives us courage and boldness to face the unknown.  He gives us the confidence to do the impossible.  We all face insurmountable obstacles in our lives and on our own, we’re defeated before we even begin the fight. However, when we make spending time with God a priority, He gives us everything we need to do whatever He’s called us to do.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Spirit Repair


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