Posted on: 7-15-112014

This morning we had a guest pastor at our church.  When he informed the congregation that he was speaking on Job, my daughter and I just looked at each other in disbelief because we had just had a discussion on the way to church about Job. I wasn’t sure if the sermon was going to be directly aimed at my daughter, myself, or both of us, but I knew that God had something to say and He was going to say it through Job’s story.  About two minutes into the sermon, I wasn’t sure if God was speaking to my daughter, but I knew for a fact that He was speaking to me.  I admit that it was a tough message to hear and one that I’m sure I will be praying and thinking about a lot in the days to come.  The pastor asked one simple question, “Would you serve God for nothing?”  Many people serve God when things are going well and it seems as if He’s pouring out His blessings on them, but can turn on God in a split second when things are not going well and it seems as if God’s doing anything but bless them.  It’s easy to serve God when you have an abundance of money, you have job security, your health is good, your family is flourishing, and everything is going according to plan. It’s not so easy to serve God when any one of those things gets out of line.  Let more than one of those things get out of line and we can easily start to get a bad taste in our mouth for God.  If all of those things fall apart, our anger towards God can consume us and we become bitter very quickly.  Why do we praise God in the good times, but curse Him in the bad?  The problem lies within our heart.  We have mistakenly based our relationship with God on what He can do for us instead of basing it on who He is.  Job had every reason to bless God.  He was one of the wealthiest men around, had an abundance of material blessings, had good health, and had friends and family who loved him.  Then, before he knew it, he lost it all.  Even when his wife and friends tried to get him to curse God, Job held fast to his faith.  Even when he was covered from head to toe in sores which cause him intense pain, he remained steadfast in his faith.  Even when he cried out to God and God didn’t answer, Job didn’t waiver.  In the eyes of the world, Job lost everything.  But, he didn’t lose everything…he didn’t lose his faith in God.  Job knew what it meant to serve God without a shred of evidence that God was doing anything for him in return.  He knew what it meant to serve God for nothing.  I confess that I have never been anywhere near where Job has been.  I have never experienced a drop in the bucket of the suffering that Job did. I don’t have a clue what it would feel like to lose everything. And I pray I never do!  If I did have to walk that road, however, I pray that I would hold fast to my faith as Job did.  I pray that I, like Job, would serve God even if I had no hope of God ever doing another thing for me. As I listened to the sermon this morning, I would be lying if I said that I could say with 100% confidence that I could praise God if I lost everything I hold dear.  I don’t know how Job did it.  I want to be able to say that I could, but at this point, I’m not there yet.  Thankfully, through God’s grace and mercy, I’m a work in progress and He’s not finished with me yet.

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”  Job 1:21

Would You Serve God for Nothing?


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