Posted on: 7-15-112014

A couple of weeks ago my grandson visited the doctor for his six month old checkup.  During this visit, the doctor discovered that his head is measuring well above normal for a baby his age.  In fact, his head’s size is measuring that of a baby a year older than he is. Also, one of his soft spots seems to have closed up extremely early.  So, based on these findings, we have been informed that there is the possibility that he has some fluid collecting on his brain.  We have also been informed that it could be absolutely nothing other than that he has a large head and his soft spot just was one of the rare ones that closes up early.  Today, we will take him to have some X-rays done to see if there is, indeed, fluid on his brain or not. The results of these X-rays will determine what we have to do next. As I’ve thought and prayed about this over the last two weeks, I have determined one thing…no matter what the X-rays show, everything is going to be okay.  If everything turns out normal, I will praise God that all is well.  If we find out that there is a problem, I will praise God that He brought it to our attention before it accumulated to a point where there was a real problem.  If there is fluid, I will praise God that, in spite of the fact that most babies with this type of fluid also have hindered development, my grandson is developing beautifully…in fact, he’s a couple of months ahead on his milestones.  If there is fluid, I will praise God for the fact that something can be done to correct this.  The results of this X-ray will not determine whether or not God is seated on His throne in heaven…He is!  The results of this X-ray will not determine whether or not God is in control of the situation…He is!  The results of this X-ray will not determine whether or not God deserves all of my praise…He does!  The results of this X-ray will not determine whether or not I will trust God and His plan…I do!

“Let them praise the name of the Lord, for He commanded and they were created. He also established them forever and ever, He made a decree which shall not pass away.”  Psalm 148:5-6

Praising Him No Matter What


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