Posted on: 7-15-112014

Interruptions…we all experience them and, most of the time, we do not like them. We each have our own agenda for the way our time will be spent and we have a knack for filling every single tick of the clock with something to do.  We tend to put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to be able to do everything and to do it well.  We leave ourselves very little room for error in our calendar and even less room for interruptions.  Therefore, when interruptions come, we get all out of sorts because our “plan” has been altered.  We can easily become agitated because the traffic jam is causing us to be late, but fail to pray for the people who were just in the accident that is causing the traffic jam. We can get so angry when the line at the supermarket is long and not moving, but fail to show compassion to the cashier who is having a difficult time on her first day on the job. We can get frustrated when a co-worker isn’t pulling his/her weight at work, but fail to take the time to find out that they are really struggling with a situation in their personal life and are having a hard time just getting through the day.  We get so wrapped up in our own little world with our own little agenda and we forget that there are other people in the world.  We can even get so focused on our own plan that we forget that God also has a plan.  And more often than not, His plan doesn’t line up neatly with our plan.  When we start looking closely, we may be shocked to discover that some of those “interruptions” we are so annoyed about are actually a part of His plan.  I know it’s hard to believe, but God doesn’t consult our day planner to see what is convenient for us.  He doesn’t look at our calendar and see if we have time to deal with something unexpected.  He doesn’t call and make an appointment with us in order to discuss whether or not what He has planned can be easily worked in to our schedule or if He needs to make other arrangements.  And because He doesn’t consult us, we can find ourselves angry or frustrated with how He’s carrying out the events of our lives.  We can become irritated because we’re not accomplishing what we had planned, but maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is whether or not we’re accomplishing what He had planned.  We may feel agitated because we didn’t get to check off all of the things on our “to do” list, but maybe we should be worried about the things that He has for us to do.  When we focus on what He has for us to do, we will probably find that we no longer consider those “interruptions” as annoyances, but instead we will consider them divine appointments.

“The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations.”  Psalm 33:11

Divine Interruptions


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