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When my son was very young, he was very afraid of the dark. This was due to the fact that his big sister once hid under the kitchen table and jumped out at him when he was running past it.  It was late at night when this happened and there were no lights on in that room, so it was very dark.  She caught him completely off guard and he was terrified.  In the other room, all I heard was a blood curdling  scream and hysterical laughter.  When I ran in to see what was going on, I found my daughter on the floor, laughing like a hyena and my son in a corner crying his head off and shaking like a leaf.  He never wore a shirt unless forced to when he was little, so I could literally see his heart beating in his chest.  For a long time, he would not enter a dark room and he was horrified of sleeping in the dark.  In fact, he didn’t want to sleep by himself at all, even if every light in the house was on.  I was very adamant that our children would not sleep with my husband and me, so every night I battled him at bedtime.  He would eventually go to sleep if I left his light on, but inevitably, he would end up in our bedroom on the floor next to his dad’s side of the bed.  We would laugh and say he always went to his dad’s side of the bed so I wouldn’t see him, but the truth of the matter was that he felt safest when he was by his daddy.  He knew that his dad would never let anything happen to him.  He knew his daddy was his protector.  He knew his daddy was strong enough to fight any “monster” that came his way.  All of us have “monsters” that we’re afraid of.  The things we’re scared of may change as we grow older, but the fear is just as real.  And just like my son trusted his daddy to protect him, we have a Father who can protect us.  He is more powerful than any “monster” we will ever face.  His strength is able to defeat anything we are afraid of.  He is our Protector.  He watches over us and keeps us safe.  There is no fear that we have that God cannot overcome.  Just like my son felt safe and secure by his daddy, we can feel safe and secure with ours.

“Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.”  Psalm 56:3

The Father’s Protection


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