Posted on: 7-15-112014

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because that is the day that I usually have my four grandchildren (one biological and 3 bonus ones) at my house all day.  They bring me such joy and delight! As I was watching them play this past Sunday, I was thinking about how much I love them and love being with them.  It doesn’t matter how much food and/or drink they drop on the floor, it doesn’t matter how many toys are scattered in every single room of my house, it doesn’t matter how much noise they make, it doesn’t matter that at least one of them stays up late and at least one of them gets up before the sun rises, it doesn’t matter how many times they call my name…I love it all!  I wouldn’t trade one moment with them for anything in this world.  Why?  Simply because I love them and have loved them since before they were even born.  I loved them before they even knew I existed and I loved them even knowing that they would be messy, loud, demanding little people who wouldn’t even be able to give me anything back in return for some time.  I love them knowing that they will make mistakes and that they will cause me pain in some shape or form along the way.  I love them in spite of the fact that they are not always loveable…and because I’m the Nana, I am usually the one who loves them most when they are the least loveable.  In fact, if I could search the world over and choose my grandchildren for myself…I would choose the exact four that God has already blessed me with.  I wouldn’t change one single thing about them. Does any of this sound familiar?  It should because God loves us in this very same way.  He loved us before He even created the world…long before we were ever created.  He loves us no matter how messy we are, how much noise we make, how annoying we can be!  He loved us before we even knew He existed and before we could even love Him in return.  He loves us knowing we will make mistakes and He loves us knowing that we will cause Him pain along the way.  He loves us when we’re not loveable and because He is God, He loves us most when we are the least loveable.   God could search the world over and He would still choose us. In fact, His Word says He did exactly that…He chose us!

“He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight.”

Chosen By God


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