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Yesterday I wrote about New Year’s Day being a day that, for many, symbolizes a new beginning. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions such as losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, watching less TV, gossiping less…the list is endless.  I heard several people say their New Year’s resolution this year was to grow closer to God, to get back in church, to spend more time with God, to pray more, to read their Bible more, etc.  I can’t think of a resolution that could serve you better than a deeper relationship with the Lord.  However, for many, the possibility of any type of relationship with God seems completely out of the question.  They feel that they have done too many bad things in their life and that God could never possibly love them. They can’t begin to forgive themselves for all of the wrong they have done, so they are convinced that God could never forgive them. I have seen this personally with one of my close family members.  She went through some very difficult circumstances over the last few years and did some things that were pretty tough to get past.  She made some choices which almost destroyed her family.  Even after forgiveness from her family was granted, she still didn’t want to pursue a relationship with God because she said He would never be able to forgive her.  When she compared herself to other people, she felt as if her sins were so much greater than everyone else’s.  She felt that God may forgive the people who only had “small” sins, but never anyone who committed the “big” sins.  This is the lie many of us fall for.  In our human minds, we like to rate sin.  We may rank judging someone as a “small” sin, while murdering someone is a “big” sin.   We can rank sin all we want to, but God doesn’t see sin this way. He sees all sin the same!  Every sin, no matter how big or small it is in our minds, is equal in His mind.  Every single sin separates us from Him.  Every single sin makes us unholy before a holy God.  Every sin leaves us in need of a Savior. Consider this story I once heard:  a woman looked out of her kitchen window and saw some sheep grazing in the meadow.  As she watched them, she noticed their beautiful white wool contrasting against the green grass. She also noticed a few snowflakes starting to fall.  A few hours passed and she glanced out that same window.  Snow now covered the ground .  The sheep still stood in the meadow, but their beautiful white wool now looked dirty and dingy up against the new fallen snow.  They didn’t seem white at all anymore. The same is true for us…we can seem “good” as compared to others in the world, but when compared to God’s holiness, we all fall short.  When we are compared to His righteousness, we are all, like the sheep, dirty and dingy. It doesn’t matter how many sins we’ve committed or how “big” or “small” the world sees them, we’re all unclean before God.  Every one of us has a sin problem and every one of us is in need of a Savior.  Only through Him can our sins be forgiven.  Only through His blood are we washed and made “as white as snow.”

“Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow…” Psalm 51:7

Whiter Than Snow


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