It’s Okay to be a Copycat!

Posted on: 7-15-112013

My daughter’s two-year old godson (a.k.a. my grandson) is quite a little character.  He is such a joy to watch as his little personality develops.  One of the things I enjoy watching the most is how he imitates our behaviors.  For example, not long ago, my husband made himself a sandwich.  Of course, the minute my grandson saw it, he wanted some.  So, he crawled up in the chair next to his Pop and sat down.  My husband got him a plate and a cup and shared the sandwich with him.  It was so cute to watch him watch every move my husband made and then do his best to imitate it.  Another example is how he calls our cat.  He snaps his finger, clicks his tongue, and says, “Here, kitty” just like he’s seen us do.  He’s become so accustomed to calling the cat that way that he now calls us that way when he wants us to come substituting the name he calls us in place of “kitty”.  As I watch him imitate our behaviors, I am reminded that we are to imitate the behaviors of our heavenly Father. In order to do so, however, we must spend time with Him.  Our grandson doesn’t pick up our behaviors by accident.  He must spend time with us in order to watch us, listen to us, and observe how we do things.  Just like him, we won’t be able to imitate God if we never spend any time with Him.  We have to spend time in His Word, “watching, listening, and observing” to what it says concerning God’s behaviors.  Then, like my grandson, we must copy those behaviors.  Just as children and grandchildren are a reflection of their parents and grandparents, we are supposed to be a reflection of our Father.  We should keep practicing His behaviors until they become who we are and what we do automatically.  This is the only way we will every truly be a reflection of Him.  We should never be satisfied until we are a true imitation of who He is!

“As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in  Your likeness.”  Psalm 17:15


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