Knowing the One Who Knows All

Posted on: 7-15-112013

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking my five-year old granddaughter to a wildlife park near our home.  At this park, you are taken on a one and a half hour ride through the park to see numerous animals in their natural environment.  You are also able to purchase food for the animals to feed them throughout your journey.  We saw multiple types of deer, alpacas, camels, bison, antelope, kangaroos, rhea birds, zebras, and giraffes just to name a few.  My granddaughter was fascinated by every animal and simply squealed with delight when she realized that the animals would come right up to us in our cart and eat the food we were throwing out.  Some of them even ate directly from our hands.  As we went on our adventure, I came to a startling revelation…I am not nearly as intelligent as I think I am!  My granddaughter peppered with me questions from the moment we entered the park and long after we left.  Some of the questions I could answer, but honestly, most of them I could not.  “Nana, why are the zebras white with black stripes instead of black with white stripes? What is this animal food made of?  Why is this animal food shaped like a rectangle? Why do those deer have long, twirly horns?  What are the giraffes favorite kind of leaf to eat?  Why is that camel dark brown?  Why won’t the giraffes come over and eat out of our buckets?” These were just a few of the questions that she asked me.  Most often, when I didn’t know the correct answer, I gave her the “spiritual” one…”because that’s how God made it” or “because that is how God wanted it to be.”  As I thought about how little I do know, I was reminded of how much God does know!  He knows the answer to every single questions my granddaughter threw at me.  And not only that, He knows the answer to every single question any of us has.  He is the God who is all-knowing.  We will never ask Him something that He cannot answer.  We are never going to stump Him with our questions.  God knows every single detail of every single thing.  He knows all of the whys and the hows to everything.  We could be the most intelligent person to ever walk this earth, but we would still be nothing in comparison to Him.  As I thought about how little I do know, I found great comfort in the fact that I do know the One who knows everything!

“Oh the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!” Romans 11:33


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