What Does Your Life Say About You?

Posted on: 7-15-112012

John the Baptist dared to live differently than the majority because of his passion for the Lord.  While others lived in the comforts and conveniences of the time, he lived in the desert.  While others wore clothing customary for their day, John the Baptist wore camel-hair.  While others ate the foods of their time, he ate locusts and wild honey.  And while others were content to be quiet, he chose to preach repentance with boldness and audacity.  He had one message for all…to repent for the kingdom of God was at hand.  He did not mince words and he did not apologize for his message. He did not tiptoe around worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings or offending anyone.  He paid no attention to the titles or positions of those he preached to either.  He called the religious leaders of the day a “brood of vipers” because of their failure to live for God as they should. He also called King Herod out because of the adulterous relationship the king had with his brother’s wife which landed John in prison.  Because of his great passion and devotion to preach the way of the Lord, John ultimately lost his life in prison by order of the king.  Not only in his life, but also in his death, John focused on one thing…pointing others to the way of the Lord.  He did not care about the opinions of others, he only cared about doing what God called him to do.  He did not care about fitting in to the “norm”, he cared about standing up for the Lord.  He did not care about the things of the world, he cared about the things of the Lord. When I consider the life and death of John the Baptist, I have to ask myself if I have that kind of passion for the Lord.  I have to ask myself if I worry more about leading others to Christ or more about offending someone  by speaking up on His behalf. Do I take the easier road…the road that is safe and convenient…instead of traveling the road that may lead to persecution and rejection? Do I speak God’s truths without apology or do I say nothing because of fear of what others will think? I have to ask myself if I am living my life to please God or to please others.  John’s passion was the Lord and his life was a reflection of that passion.  Our lives, too, will reflect our true passion.  Ultimately, I have to ask myself what my life says about me.  If others looked at my life, what would they say I was passionate about?  Would it be Christ or would it be something else?  What about you…what does your life say about you?

“And he went into all the region around the Jordan, preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins…” Luke 3:3


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