Are You Taking the Stairs or the Elevator?

Posted on: 7-15-112012

Imagine that you are on a journey loaded down with packages…lots and lots of packages! You have managed to pick them all up, but you know if you make one wrong move, they will all come crashing down.  Now imagine that you arrive at a fork in the road.  Both ways promise to take you to your destination. If you choose one way, you will have to walk up a very long staircase…so long that you can’t even see the top of it.  If you choose the other way, you will get to ride an elevator up to the top.You could even sit all of your packages down in the elevator and get a break from the weight you’ve been carrying. Now, it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out that taking the elevator would be the better way to go!  Who in their right mind would want to fight the stairs with all of those packages when they could simply get on the elevator and have it carry them up?  Sadly, many of us choose the stairs!  We all are on a journey, and we are weighted down, not by packages, but by burdens, pressures, responsibilities, and heavy hearts.  We, too, have a choice to make regarding our method of travel.  We can take the “stairs” and do everything ourself with no help from anyone, or we can take the “elevator” and have Someone else bear the weight of all of our “packages” and  “carry” us along our journey.  God never intended for us to “take the stairs”…He intended to be our source of help.  He would be more than happy to take all of the weight you’re carrying on your shoulders and bear it for you.  He would be more than happy to carry you along your journey.  That’s His job…just let Him do it!

“…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you…” 1 Peter 5:6 – 7


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