This Is Not What I Pictured

Posted on: 7-15-112012

“Every man who was desperate, in debt, or discontented rallied around him, and he became their leader.”  1 Samuel 22:2

Recently, I’ve been doing a study on the life of David.  Today, I read the verse above and had to wonder if David questioned what was going on in his life.  The Scripture above is written about the men who joined David in the cave of Adullam, where David was taking refuge as he fled from Saul.  I can picture David looking around him at the dusty, musty, dim lit cave at the down-and-out group of men that now inhabited it and wondering where he had gone wrong because surely this was not what God had in mind when He had anointed him king.  I can hear him saying to himself, “Could this possibly be right? Was Samuel mistaken when he heard from God that I was His chosen king?  This cannot be how this is supposed to happen!  A king fleeing for his life, dwelling in a cave with a group of nobodies…who would ever imagine something such as this? Kings are supposed to be feared, not fleeing.  Kings are supposed to live in palaces, not caves.  Kings are supposed to have the finest men in their company, not the desperate, in debt, and discontented!  This is certainly not what I pictured, God!”  Of course, since we know the rest of the story, we know that this is exactly what God had pictured!  We know that God used every single detail to prepare him for the throne.  We know this about David, but do we know this about our own lives?  When our situation looks extremely different than what we thought it should, do we think that we must have made a mistake or we must not have heard God correctly because things should not be the way they are?  Do we wonder how what we pictured could be so different from the reality we are living? Do we tell God that things aren’t how they were “supposed” to be?  I confess that I do!  I tend to think that how I envision things is how they are supposed to be and when they’re not, I get busy questioning God about what He’s up to!  Pretty arrogant on my part, isn’t it?  God is not obligated to do things our way!  He doesn’t answer to


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