Posted on: 7-15-112012

As we celebrate Independence Day in the United States, we often use the words liberty.  When I looked the definition of liberty up, one definition said:

liberty – the state of being set free; free from restraint or constraints; freedom

In America, we are blessed to have many liberties and freedoms that some in other countries do not have.  However, as Christians, it does not matter where you live…you have innumerable liberties and freedoms in Christ.  Jesus died on the cross so we would be set free from the debt of our sin.  He broke the chains that once bound us to our life before Him.  He freed us from any restraints or constraints that our sinful life brought upon us.  He gave us our freedom!  Through His death, He gave us the freedom to access the very throne of God anytime we wish.  He gave us the liberty of being able to be the person He created us to be…not the person the world wants us to be.  He gave us the freedom to live a life set apart from the world…a life that doesn’t look like the rest of the world…a life that reflects Him.  He gave us the freedom to make mistakes and not be condemned for them.  He gave us the liberty to be the person He created us to be…the person that is far greater than who we would have ever been on our own.  He gave us the freedom to partner with Him in His Kingdom’s work when, in actuality, He could do it all by Himself…and do it better!  He gives us the freedom to open our mouths and speak boldly about Him…and everytime we do, we have had the privilege of affecting eternity forever.  He has set us free in a way that one cannot even begin to understand freedom unless they have encountered it.  The freedoms we experience in the world cannot compare to His freedoms.  Are you still chained to a life of bondage?  Do you want to be set free?  All you have to do is ask Him…the chains will disintegrate right before your eyes.

“The Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17


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