Paid in Full

Posted on: 7-15-112012

Imagine for a moment that you are drowning under the weight of a debt you know you will never be able to pay. For some, this may be hard to understand, but for anyone who is struggling with debt or ever has struggled with it, you know how hopeless it can feel. You can try and try to get out from under the weight of the debt, but it’s almost impossible! You can become very discouraged because despite your best efforts, it’s still not enough! Now imagine that someone came in and paid off all of your debt. You owe nothing anymore! You are free and clear! And to top it off, the person who paid off your debt doesn’t want you to pay him back…it’s a gift and all you have to do is accept it! If that were your situation, would you accept the gift? Of course we would…we would be crazy not to! Yet, this is exactly what Christ has done for us and many refuse to accept the gift! We all owe a debt for our sins that we can never pay on our own! We can work and work and work, but we will never be able to pay it off! However, Christ has paid that debt for us…in full! All we have to do is accept His  gift!


“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” Romans 6:23


1 Response to "Paid in Full"

that sounds just like me. I have esstential tremors which means my hands shake and I tried to go back to work to help my husband with our bills and was shut down by my doctor telling me I am totally disabled and the worse part is, I can’t draw benefits to help with bills because I dont have enough work history for credits to earn benefits. so its all up to my husband and its really hard on him. Would love to have my house paid in full and left my husband work less.

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