Standing in the Gap

Posted on: 7-15-112012

There are times when, as a mom, I am completely amazed at the character I see developing in my children. Over the past several months, I have watched my middle child, Kelcie, invest her life in a single mom who works with her.  The woman has two children and one on the way and Kelcie has decided that she is going to anything in her power to help this working mom and these children.  She has gone and bought Valentine’s cards, filled them out, and delivered them to school so that the oldest one would have cards to pass out to her friends.  She has picked the mom up for work and brought her home from work, both very late at night and in the early hours of the morning.  She keeps the one year old twice a week when the mom doesn’t have a sitter for him…and any other time she needs it.  She buys clothes, toys, etc. for them.  And she is absolutely enraged if anyone says or does anything that she doesn’t think is in the children’s best interest.  This morning, she woke me up around 4:30am to tell me she had to go pick the mom up to take her to work and that she was going to keep the one year old because his dad did not show up to get him like he was supposed to.  Although she thoroughly enjoys keeping him, she was so upset that his dad didn’t come.  To her, it’s appalling that any parent would do that to their child.  I could distinctly detect her anger when she told me that he had not even been to see the little boy since Easter. My children have been very blessed because they have always lived in a home with both parents.  They are not ignorant about the ways of the world…they know that divorce is rampant and that children are often shuffled between two parents.  They know that there are children who suffer the consequences of not having both parents actively involved in their lives.  They know these things, but they’ve never experienced them.  As she continues to invest in the lives of this family, she is seeing firsthand the heartache that can come.  Although the little boy is only one and doesn’t even understand right now that his dad didn’t show up, my daughter worries about the day that he will understand.  And she is determined to be there for him no matter what.  She makes no reservation about it…she is going to stand in the gap for this little boy, as well as the new baby.  She will help them, encourage them, and support them.  She will help the mom provide for them whenever needed.  She will watch over them and protect them.  She will be responsible for them.  She will make sure they know they are loved and wanted.  Whenever I see her passion for these children, I am so proud of her!  I can clearly see Jesus in her in so many ways through these experiences.  Because Jesus too cares for those that have been abandoned!  He loves when others have not loved.  He accepts when others have rejected.  He has been there when others have walked away.  He has been the father to those who are fatherless and the mother to those who are motherless. He stands in the gap for those who have no one else!

“A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation.” Psalm 68:5


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