Which Side of the Line Are You Standing On?

Posted on: 7-15-112012

Last night I wrote about a skit that I saw a while back and that skit reminded me of another skit that I want to talk about tonight. This skit had three characters…a young woman, Satan, and God. At the beginning of the skit, God places a piece of tape along the floor to separate His standards and the standards of the world/Satan. The young woman places a rope along God’a line, representing her decision to follow Him.  At first, she stays on God’s side, as far away from the dividing line as possible.  Satan stands as close to the line as he can and calls to the young woman. He tells her to come a little closer and just take a peek on the other side.  He reminds her that she doesn’t have to cross the line in order to see the other side, so what can it hurt.  He’s very convincing, so she approaches the line with caution.  When she sees that nothing happens, she inches closer and closer to the line.  In a little bit, she looks down and discovers that she is standing right at the line.  She is still on God’s side, but she’s as close as she can get to the line without going over.  Satan continues to entice her to just step on the line and tells her nothing can happen on the line.  The young woman looks back at God and He shakes His head as if to say “No.”  The girl turns back around and puts one foot on the line and then the other one.  Nothing happens and she sighs in relief.  She turns around and God is still there, so she thinks it’s okay.  At this point, Satan has backed away from the line.  Being as sly as he is, he doesn’t ask her to cross the line, but only to move it a little bit toward him.  The girl slowly uses her foot to push the rope she put down on the floor toward Satan.  Again, nothing bad happens, so she relaxes her guard.  God is still there so everything must be okay.  Satan continues to woo her farther and farther away from the line that God put on the floor and closer to him.  Because her guard is down and nothing bad seems to be happening, the girl is easily swayed.  Before long, the girl has taken her rope quite a distance from where it started and that’s when Satan starts laughing at her and mocking her.  He tells her that she believed his lies.  She turns around and discovers that her rope is far away from God’s line and she realizes that while she can still see God on the other side, He is very far away from her.  Satan taunts her and tells her she will never be able to get back…that she belongs to him now.  He tells her that even if she could get back, God wouldn’t want her now.  She looks at God who is again shaking His head “No.” God calls to her and tells her to come back.  But Satan dances all around her, telling her she can never go back.  The girl is frozen in her tracks.  She doesn’t know what to do.  God keeps calling, assuring her that she only has to take a step back toward Him.  Finally, the girl takes a step towards God.  As soon as she does, Satan’s mocking grows quieter.  God walks toward her.  She takes another step toward Him and Satan’s voice gets even softer.  God reaches His hand over the line and grabs hold of the girl.  He pulls her back on His side of the line and Satan falls to the ground in defeat.

It doesn’t matter how far away from God you are or how long you’ve been there, all you have to do is take a step toward Him.  You will find Him waiting for you!  You will even discover that He has been calling for you all along!  He doesn’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done…all He cares about is that you get back on His side where you are safe from the lies of Satan.


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