Eat Your Vegetables

Posted on: 7-15-112011

As children, our moms probably had to force us to eat our vegetables.  For some of us, as adults, we still have to be forced to eat them.  Let’s face it…they are just not as much fun as other foods!  They’re not foods that we normally associate with pleasure. Just think for a moment…have you ever heard anyone refer to green beans or peas or squash as “comfort food”? I highly doubt it!  (remember, potatoes don’t count…they’re starches, not vegetables)  However, when we get older, we can see all the benefits of eating our vegetables.  In fact, we may wish that we had eaten more of them because we come to understand how they work to make our bodies strong and able to fight off certain illnesses and diseases.  In much the same way that we try to avoid vegetables, we also do everything we’re capable of to escape trials, tribulations, and suffering.  They, like vegetable, are not very fun!  They’re certainly not comforting!  And usually, at the time they’re being given to us, we see absolutely no value in them.  However, as we mature in our Christian walk, we begin to see their benefits.  We begin to see how they make us stronger and how they help us fight the battles that rage within our spirit.  We begin to appreciate what they do for us.  They don’t have vitamins and antioxidants like vegetables, but they do provide us valuable lessons in patience, humility, total dependence on God, sacrifice, and also help us to get rid of sin in our lives, just to name a few benefits.  They may not taste good going down, but the benefits are so worth it.  If nothing else, they give us the opportunity to walk as our Savior walked.  He suffered far greater than any of us ever will, and yet, the benefits of His suffering were worth it to Him and to us.  Just remember, if He had never suffered, we would be without hope…we would not have a Savior that died in our place and paid the debt for our sin!  One last thing…always know that God never allows suffering without purpose.  If He allows it, He will use it for His glory and for our good!

“For to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake…” Philippians 1:29


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