Perfect Timing

Posted on: 7-15-112011

Imagine that you’ve just gathered all of the ingredients to bake your favorite cake or cookies or pie. Your mouth is watering just thinking of that first bite. You take great care to follow all the directions so that it will turn out just right. You put it in the oven and set the timer because you want it to cook properly. Then, you just wait for the timer to go off so you can enjoy the fruit of your labor. Now, let me ask you this: would you ever take your dessert out of the oven when it was only half-baked? Would you decide that your timing was much better than what the recipe said? Would you rather eat a dessert that was still uncooked than the one made according to the recipe just because you couldn’t wait anymore? I know the answer to those questions…no! Even though you may want that dessert to hurry up and be done, you wait because you know the end result will be more than worth it! We understand this concept for baking, but we often fail to grasp the very same concept with God’s plans for out life. We know that we should wait for His plan to unfold, but we’re impatient and run right ahead of Him. We decide that our way is much better than His…and His is taking entirely too long. We rush His timing and end up getting much less than what He intended. We’re settling for uncooked dessert instead of a feast. When you get impatient and ready to jump ahead of Him, just remind yourself to hold on a little bit longer because the blessings you receive for submitting to His plans and His timing is beyond anything you can ever imagine!

“Yes, God’s riches are very great and His wisdom and knowledge have no end; no one can explain the things God decides or understand His ways.” Romans 11:33


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I couldn’t agree more!!!

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