Lost and Found

Posted on: 7-15-112011

Today, I went to Target to get a couple of things. When I was there, a little boy got separated from his mom/grandma (hard to tell these days). Needless to say, the poor woman was hysterical! I have to commend all of the workers at Target…everyone went into high alert to help find this child. They had someone posted at every door and had everyone else scouring the aisles. One lady just stayed right with the lady that had lost the child, trying to comfort her. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending…the little boy was found (in the toys) and returned to his rightful place. The lady was overwhelmed when she saw him…I think she cried even harder than she had been. I must confess that seeing that scene unfold made me tear up as well. I was so happy for both of them. I thought about how I would feel if that were my child and my heart just broke for her. In much the same way, our heavenly Father is desperately waiting for His lost children to be returned to Him. He,too is brokenhearted over His lost children. He does everything He can to draw His children back to Him. I bet the woman today would’ve given anything she had to get that child back…just like God would give anything for us…and actually, He’s already given everything He had for us! He gave His one and only Son so that we would not be lost! And just like the lady today, He rejoices more than we can even imagine anytime one of His lost are found.

“For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.” Matthew 18:11


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