The God of Justice

Posted on: 7-15-112011

It seems that all that is on the news and all anyone is talking about right now is the Casey Anthony trial and the not guilty verdict.  Although I’m sure that there are many who are very happy with this verdict, most everyone I talk to is very upset with the outcome of the trial.  The majority of opinions I’m encountering feel that the mom got away with murder.  People are very angry over the fact that justice was not served on behalf of this precious little girl whose life was taken from her.  Someone got away with murder, whether it was her mother or someone else.  The news keeps emphasizing the fact that we may never know what really happened to Caylee.  And indeed, we may not ever find out the truth.  Whoever killed her may be rejoicing right now over the fact that they think they got away with it, but the truth is, our God in heaven knows exactly what happened to this innocent young child.  Don’t think for one moment that He is not aware of every single detail of the whole event.  And even if justice is never served in our world, you can be assured that justice will be served in His.  One day that person will have to stand face to face with the God that created Caylee and answer to Him. It may not happen in the way we think it should happen, and it may not happen in the time frame that we think it should, but He will right every wrong that has ever occurred. Nothing escapes Him!  He sees every single injustice in this world.  And He will take care of it in His time and in His way!

“Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God; He will come and save you.”  Isaiah 35:4


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