Our Father, Our Protector, Our Refuge

Posted on: 7-15-112011

Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s Day, as did many of you.  I am grateful for my dad this year because he has been very ill this year, and I was not certain that I would even have this Father’s Day with him.  I am also grateful for my husband because he’s a wonderful father to my children.  But what I am most grateful for is my heavenly Father.  He is my constant companion, my biggest supporter, my encourager, the One who loves me above all, and the One who gave everything He had to save me.  He is my Rock, my Shield, my Protector, and my Refuge in times of trouble.  He never leaves me or forsakes me.  He always has my best interest in mind, and He carries me on His shoulders when I can no longer go on.  I was reminded of this truth when we were on vacation last week.  We went to Galveston Island with some friends of ours on Saturday night.  We headed back to Crystal Beach around 9:00pm.  We were in line to board the ferry-boat that would take us across the bay.  Each time you get in line, the security guard checks your vehicle and sometimes even pulls you out of line for a thorough check of your car to ensure that no one is carrying anything illegal to or from the island.  Amy and Kelcie were in the front seat of my truck and my friend and I were in the back.  The guard glanced in the truck and in the back of the truck and told us which line to go to.  Then, two coast guard officers came toward the truck.  Amy rolled the window down when they approached and one of them asked if we had a full truck.  She said, “Yes,” and he then asked if we’d been to the beach or if we were going to the beach (which was really weird since we were boarding the ferry to go away from Galveston Beach).  He asked her a couple more questions and I noticed that they were both smiling a lot.  I kept expecting them to ask us to get out, but they didn’t.  Finally, I decided that I had better roll my window down because something just seemed strange about the whole thing.  When I rolled the window down, I think they both just about died!  They couldn’t see Andrea and I in the back because my windows are tinted, so I had to assume they thought it was a truck full of young girls.  They started stammering and acted like they couldn’t even complete a sentence anymore.  Their faces turned red with embarrassment.  And believe me, they couldn’t get out of there fast enough!  We all laughed and laughed at those poor fellows and the fact that one mom could ruin their game.  (I laughed even harder when I thought about the fact that their daddy was in the truck in front of us…if he had known what was going on, he would have really given them something to get nervous about)  As we were retelling the story later, I couldn’t help but think of how our heavenly Father is always with us.  We are never alone!  We will never face a situation in which He will not help us or come to our rescue.  It may be a situation like the one  concerning those guys which was just a little minor one, or it may be the most severe thing you ever face.  It doesn’t matter…He is there!  He is ready, willing, and able to defend you, help you, or even just roll the window down to let someone or something know He’s there!  It doesn’t matter what kind of earthly father you have or if your father is no longer alive…you have a Father that will take care of you if you just let Him!  There never has been, nor will there ever be anyone who loves you more than He does!

“Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle — my lovingkindness and my fortress, my high tower and my deliverer, my shield and the One in whom I take refuge, who subdues my people under me.” Psalm 144:1-2


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